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There will not be any camps available for the summer of 2018. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.


Welcome to Clark's Power & Performance! Brett Clark is a former professional hockey player who played 14 years in the National Hockey League. Brett brings his passion and knowledge about the game into every aspect of his camps. The goal of Brett and his staff is to educate and teach participants in all aspects of hockey including edge work, skill work, team work and having fun. He hopes to instill a strong work ethic and love for the sport among all participants. Clark's Power & Performance camps are held in Littleton, CO in 2017. 


    "Having played with Brett for a few years, his personality is what stands out for me. He always had a positive outlook on everything. His experience and his knowledge for the game combined with his passion makes him a great instructor to work with your kid. I encourage anyone who wants to get better and learn more about hockey to join him on the ice."

    ~ Marty St.Louis

    • 16 years in the NHL

    "I had the pleasure of working with Brett during the 2012-2013 season as an assistant coach. From the time he started working with the boys, it was mind boggling how he got all the kids to buy into his stuff so quickly. His personality is so nice and positive. When playing against him in the NHL he had the never quit attitude and the knowledge of hockey was endless. So you put all those qualities together and you have an outstanding instructor for the kids. I highly encourage parents to take their players to Brett's upcoming camp."

    ~ Sami Salo

    • 17 years in the NHL

    "Brett has an uncanny ability to teach the complex at a very basic level. His passion and enthusiasm for the game transcends through his coaching style. Brett's clinics focus on the entire performance of his students (both on and off ice), and his hands-on style speeds the development process. His capacity to compare the foundations of hockey as it relates to everyday life and character building is a lost art. I recommend Brett's clinics if you are looking for tools that create long term player development and strong off ice character skills that encourage an entire player/person package."

    Adam Morris 

    • Division 1 Hockey Player 4 years
    • USHL Alumni
    • Coach 10 years

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